Zuzana Gedeon


Creating stories about people who might not have all their ducks in a row.

If you take Taika Waititi, Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson, plus a couple other directors and toss them into a blender, you will get a fantastic sauce from which Zuzana gets her energy. This sort of protein packed drink will get any director going, and Zuzana has her own recipe. She is a creative artist, director, actor, writer, and a multi-hyphenate as needed. Personable, friendly, flexible, open minded, and grounded with unusual life, software, and film experience, with current and valid USA and EU passports.

Looking Back

Directing a short film for Sundance Collab with amazing Dan Kneece as my DP.

MFA in Science and natural history filmmaking is Zuzana latest addition to her official degree list. She started in a gifted and talented program in Math, finished her college studies in Probability and Statistics and briefly taught Calculus at Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, before moving to America, where she received MS in Applied Math from Georgia Institute of Technology and an ABD, before moving to Montana. Along the way to Montana she stopped briefly at Northwestern University where she audited math modeling class and learned C code. New tech and internet boom led her to study computer science once she arrived to Montana. She left the school for a job at RightNow technologies(RNT) in a newly created position of performance tester. Ultimately she became a member of the Knowledge base team developing early AI tech for customer support. 

However once she stepped foot into the world of film she found her happy place. It has been a rollercoaster ride, but directing is what wakes her up and keeps her alive.


Zuzana Gedeon has been member of Alliance of Women Directors, Women in Film, Women in Media, and Greenlight Women and is constantly working on improving her craft. She is ready for her next mountain to climb. 

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On Set of “MAYBE”

“project Muffin”

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Sundance Collab 2020

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