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When facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles, I tend to follow my mantra, take a step forward, and attempt to make it as amazing as I can, however there are moments in time, when this step may not be possible. 
Taking the time to find a happy place to recover and refuel surrounded by those who care and love us, might be the best thing to do before embarking on the rest of the journey through this wild and exhilarating ride called LIFE.

Origin Story

Long long time ago, maybe even in a galaxy far away,
I discovered a camera.

It was already quite old, but it was awesome. The finder was on a side, and I could look from above and take photos of people unaware of what I was doing. I loved those photos. I stashed them in a box, with negatives and memories of my brief darkroom experience. I loved those moments of time captured ‘forever’.
Then I left.

I moved into faraway lands.

By the time I visited again, my precious box was gone.
I lost my treasure.
‘Forever’ dissolved into nothing.
Then another part of my past, just like that little box,
disappeared in an unusual way.

But I kept my camera.
She traveled with me wherever I went.

I traded it for a more modern model.

I swapped the stillness and simplicity of an image
for a craze of filmmaking
while I may have lost some resolution,
I found motion and sound.

…and new memories.

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ZGecko Productions

in my natural habitat


What’s in the name?

ZGecko Productions – there is a whole story hidden behind the name, but I prefer to say it in person to an interested audience. It’s not what you expect. Like most of my life stories, it’s wilder and stranger.

SERENE or SRENE Anchor Productions – my umbrella for the 48hr film project films. While we made “10-999” under the name “Team Bozeman,” with subsequent projects I felt a more appropriate name would be an acronym SERENE. It’s a climbing lingo, and represents safety rules when setting up an anchor while climbing. I chose it because I wanted this to be like that anchor allowing the one on top to safely belay the next person in their ascent. 

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