Zuzana Gedeon

Acting is what I do

I am a Leo, I like spotlight, so the best way to get there is practice the craft. And it supports my directing and filmmaking ambition. 

With extensive training. 

Please feel free to check out my  acting reel and IMDB page.

Zuzana Gedeon

Below are my current headshots by Ashly Covington (taken on Wednesday February 7th 2024) 

Zuzana Gedeon medium shot in purple sporty top shirt with crossed arms and smiling Zuzana Gedeon Headshot in red turtleneck and necklace, holding a camera Zuzana Gedeon Headshot in Dark turquoise shirt and necklace Zuzana Gedeon Headshot in red turtleneck.

acting memories

presenting and reading live was my jam during pandemic


Verge Theater Bozeman: Multitude of varied classes ranging including actor moves, presence of the voice, singing, acting for film, stunts, improv, Meisner, script breakdown, …

Second City Hollywood: levels 13, conservatory 1, acting (directing workshop and couple other one-off classes)

Last best comedy club bozeman: Stand up comedy, improv.

And many more varied acting classes like: Auditioning, acting for camera, Meisner technique,  Czechov method, Stanislavsky method, mask workshop, improv for the spirit, mo-cap, theatrical fighting,  …


Acting experience:

Various short films

Theater: Ana (The Clean house)

Extra: 1923, S.W.A.T, Yellowstone, Wildlife, Veep