48hr film projects

a great place to flex muscles 

My journey with 48hr film project started in 2019. I put together a team for the first installation of 24hr film project experience in Montana.

We made 10-999, co-written by father/son duo Brock and Keifer Albin. With a tiny team of collaborators we created a story about a police officer encountering a domestic violence distress call, only to eventually encounter a distress call 10-999 meaning “Officer down”.

Bolding, bearded older gentleman with black bag is walking towards the left side of the Van with bumber sticker I've never been here before. above in the distance are Montana mountains

directing maybe

Theam maybe

on a bright light purple background is a car with Zuzana sticking out from the driver's side window as the car is reaching bright spot in the center left. A shaky hand drawn outline the words The Last Bark is centered below, above are words A film by zuzana Gedeon and on teh bottom is a tagline It's a litter-ally out of this world, signed Chat-GPT


Made for Montana 48hr film project in summer of 2023. While we managed to create the film and submitted 2 versions of it on time, our sound rendering failed both times, so I OBS screenshot what I saw before I ran it through Premiere’s final render, and submitted that version for audience’s viewing, I choose better experience for them, rather than the opportunity to compete. I still won “best trailer.”

On the dark background with jail bars, a Muffin shaped flower leans precariously on the stem. Pink title Project muffin is underlined with tagline which reads: Something to chew on. On the top is SERENE anchor productions presents.


On the heels of the success of “Maybe” we were invited to create another short film for “Yes we Cannes” and the opportunity to screen it at the Filmapalooza and ultimately at Cannes.

We were selected to screen in in Los Angeles in the Filmapalooza, but didn’t make the cut for Cannes. There were incredible films and the whole experience was thrilling. 

Bolding, bearded older gentleman with black bag is walking towards the left side of the Van with bumber sticker I've never been here before. above in the distance are Montana mountains.


Placed as a “Runner up” in  Montana 48hr film project in summer of 2022. With a brand new team consisting mostly of actors we created a fun short film based on a personal story of one of our writers.  It was a learning experience. 

Look back

On the way to greatness …

I was skiing at the Harriman’s park in Idaho when my friend mentioned the open house at the film school at the university. I joined her. She ended up being massage therapist and I seem to hav found my calling.

I made 100s of short films and vlogs, and in 2019 decided to switch to narrative films. After the 48hr film project I became an intern in Hollywood casting a Film made T.O.X.I.C and Inspiration. Got Accepted to Sundance Collab directing workshop where I created used their generic script to make a short film The Last Diet, and was ready to …

 … stuck at home I created “My terrible shorts” and  practiced my craft.

Montana State University




When the pandemic started, someone had a great idea to create a CFFF and inspire us to make distanced movies.

Skiing in pandemic

fever film

It was supposed to last two weeks and winners would screen in a special Cabin Fever Film festival.

Geting Tidy with Marie Kunda


We all know it wasn’t just two weeks, They stopped after ten, but this started my lonely filmmaking spree. 


Darion D’Anjou’s

minute film

Clubhouse inspiration