Zuzana Gedeon

Better with films

I am an illuminator, a mirror and I let people be who they are. I am curious how they got where they are. I am confident, don’t accept bullying in any form, I am infinitely patient, yet active, and I love to explore the boundaries of my personal limits, even though it may not be in a way popular lore makes us believe this is done. There are as many ways to push our limits as there are different limits that we have, even if we are not aware of them.

Having observed the people at their best and at their worst, myself being my own best test case, I love to make films which portray people who may not have all the ducks in the row. None of us really do, even if we are pretty good at fooling ourselves by lining up couple of them (the ducks). 

And I believe the best way to deal with our perceived shortcomings is by shining light at them and making them into comedic relief in the stories. Thus we can show the deep emotions and sadness, but still make a movie that will leave audience innately satisfied rather than permanently overwhelmed.



Zuzana Gedeon
Photo by Ashly Covington

Zuzana Gedeon st the VR capture stageCameraderie Premiere 2021 photo by AshlyCovington ashlycovington.com

my alter egos a.k.a. collaborators within


I can’t help it but this is what makes my stars shine bright, and graces my days. 


Have you ever tried to step in the shoes of your alter ego, or experience feelings?


Supporting my directing obsession, and letting me make S%%! up.